Mar 30, 2011

Free Game : Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory

I think everyone has a game that defines them, a game that they played so much or loved for so long you can't think about gaming without that game. Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory is that game for me. I spend countless hours playing it over the past years. I ended up in a really nice clan, friends that play the game with each other for over 6 years now. Lately I haven't played that much W:ET but I sure do recommend it for you! Don't let the graphics hold you back, the game is truly amazing. The game is build on the quake 3 engine with some modifications. It is not as fast paced quake 3 but is still way faster than lets say, Call of duty or Counterstrike. You fight as Allies or Axis working towards a goal, which can mean a lot of things. Either you steal gold from a bank by blasting open the door with a tank while the enemies try to damage your tank and kill, or you are stealing vital Radar parts so the germans' communication fails! This is a really good game which you should try for sure! As always with free games here is a video :

Download link to installer :


Mar 28, 2011

Review : Need for speed : Hot persuit

Don't tell me you never wanted to drive away with 300 kilometres an hour from the police in a Bugatti Veyron. Okay might be a bit dangerous to do it in your city without causing a terrible accident, hell most of us can't even pay the insurance for such a car, forget about having one. The closest we can get is Need for speed : Hot persuit ( NFS:HP from now on ). The older version of this game with the same name was for the PS2, it has been my personal favourite Need for speed game, until this one. This game has so much to offer, looks so good, and plays very smoothly on my somewhat old pc.

If you don't know what NFS:HP is about you suck have been living in a cave since the beginning of the internet, in those historical times with no Yahoo or Google around ( can you even think about that? ). In NFS:HP you are the driver of either a police car or a very well tuned streetracer car. The game has two big modes, driving away from the police, and be the police. In the first mode you have to race against other people or manage to set a time on a course while the police tries to stop you. They have numerous ways of stopping you, for example they might use spike strips or a helicopter, to counter them the race cars have turbo boosts or you might be better of using a EMP to neutralize the polices' communications. All very fun but not very realistic at times. The second mode you are the cop and you try to stop racers before the time runs out and they get away. The driving itself can be unrealistic, especially the drifting, you are able to drift by just hitting the brake for a micro sec and to stay in the drift is very unrealistic to say the least. ( -2% ) Other than that the driving is very satisfying, it really gives you the feeling that you are driving fast and that you need to keep your focus at a 100% else you might crash into incoming traffic or end up in the lake!

The music really adds to the feeling of being a streetracer, as always EA delivered a very good fitting soundtrack. The grapics are great, the scenery you get by driving downhill is amazing and all with very smooth frames per second.

The most disappointing part of the game is that it lacks a good story, when you win races you earn points and you rank up, that is the story. The game would be really cool if it had amazing cutscenes with crashes and you speeding away from the police. Just ranks, if you win enough you can get new cars thats it! ( -2%) I only gave -2% there because in most racing games there is no story, yet in NFS:Most Wanted there was. Not the best story ever created but atleast something, now the games felt a little bit boring at times, there was no motivation to keep racing to unlock that next cutscene or because I wanted to know how a certain story played out.

All in all this an amazing game I really recommend you to pick up if you like racing games.

Personal playtime : 15+ hours

Final score :  96%

New blogs online!

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As you might have noticed I launched two new blogs. The first one "Lets play like a Boss!" is about me playing various games and commenting while playing, I am not the best commentator but I am sure I will improve in the future! The second blog is "Minecraft like a Boss!", this blog is about Minecraft obviously. I am also giving away 3 minecraft gift-codes coming friday, read on the minecraft blog for more information. I would appreciated if you would follow the new blogs!

Next up : Need for speed : Hot persuit review!

Mar 27, 2011

Free Game : Aegis Wing

Another free game today! behold.... Aegis wing! Aegis wing is your typical side scrolling shooter, you know like Space invaders but horizontal. The game is very simple, in fact it is an arcade game. You are the pilot of a spaceship destined to save Earth. The goal is to shoot your way through your enemies while you take power ups to make life easier. Four power ups are available, 1. Extra fire power as in extra heat seeking rockets, 2. A laser, a big fucking laser that shoots through everything, 3. A power disrupter, making all nearby enemies useless, 4. A shield, a shield that reflects enemy fire and fires them back right at them.

This game is actually really good, no awesome graphics or a long game, but really a fun game. This game also has achievements, may the game itself be quite easy the achievements are not, a real challenge for the pro gamers. Another great feature is the multiplayer, you can team up with 3 other people either at home or online to shoot your way through the levels, hell you can even make your spaceship join with the other 3 players making it a bad ass Enterprise.

As always a video so you can get a feeling what I am talking about :

This game is available on the Xbox Marketplace, just search at the arcade games and you should be able to download it for free! Enjoy!


The cake is not a lie!
The cake is not a lie!
The cake is not a lie!
The cake is not a lie!

Thanks to all followers who made this possible, I appreciate every one of you. Now lets go for 200!

More reviews incoming, more free games incoming and last but not least, a portal lets play!

Mar 26, 2011

Review : Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2, the perfect driving simulator? Well, not really. The game has a lot to offer, maybe a bit to much. After playing this game for quite a while I am still not sure what kind of genre I am playing. Is this a racing game, is this a first person sims or an online showoff contest? Yes there is a lot to do in this game but the game doesn't really focus on anything and is a big mix of the genres I just mentioned, all of these features are okish, but far from well done ( -1%) .

The game starts out on your birthday, you seem to be a spoiled child that receives a good looking car for his/her birthday, after a small not so unlimited test drive you appeared to be dreaming. In fact you are a valet driving in a car of someone else. All very fun but not really interesting, the waking up from a dream has been done so many times in so many games/movies. Now you would expect the main story to kick in, well, it doesn't. In fact there is no story in the game. ( -2%) All you do in this game is driving around, beating opponents in races which are redicilously easy, no challenge what so ever. ( -2%) After several wins a cutscene kicks in and your main rival asks you for a duel, if you win, you will win their car, again this has been done so many times over and over, not really creative. The races are so easy that they become really really boring, and after a while you are just doing the races so you can buy a better car, finishing the races felt like a grind, no fun for me. ( -3% ) Apart from the driving, which isn't even that bad itself ( and a nice cockpit view in all cars! ), there is this wannabe sims mode, where you can change your house and redecorate it. Well I couldn't care less how my house looks especially with the extreme prices for simple decoration, I rather have a pagani zonda in my garage than that nice looking wooden floor! But not only your house is up for decoration, also your face, yes your face. Plastic surgery is no problem and and you will have a brand new face in 24hours. As expected you can also dress your character, buying new cloths in shops all around the island. The whole sims idea adds to the experience that this games tries to create ( living the good life, with awesome cars and expensive houses/clothings ), personally I didn't quite like it.

I felt like the developers spend so much time on this whole sims mode that they forget to make an interesting driving game. The game modes are plain boring and very unlimited. ( -4%) You can race others, do a time attack, drive through gates with max speed and a knockout race ( where the last driver drops out of the race every lap ). The online features are a bit better, with a lot more different race modes, I wonder why these modes are not in single player?

The last thing that really bothered me were the random events. From time to time somewhere on the island a random event pops up, if you go there in time you get an extra mission. I think there are around 90 random events if I'm not mistaken, in my experience they were not so random, in fact most of them were the exact same, with the same voice actor telling me the exact same thing I heard 20 minutes ago. To make it worse some of these events are really unrealistic, it goes something like this :

Random person : Hey stranger! Come over here!
You : What can I do for you?
Random person : Drive my car ( a fucking Ferrari ) to the other end of the island!

Like what? This never happens to me in real life, never had a stranger asking me to drive his expensive car to the other end of town. ( -5% )  

Personal playtime :  around 20 hours

Final score : 83%

Mar 24, 2011

Free Game : Quake Live

Another free game for you, and this time a shooter! Did you ever got bored at work or in class and wanted to play a computer game? In most of these cases there are no computers nearby that got some cool games on it. Until today, I present you Quake Live, a free computer game in your browser! Most of you have probably heard of Quake before, well this version is very comparable except it comes in a browser.

For you that are not familiar with Quake I will give you a small explanation what this game is all about. In Quake you play a very athletic character that can jump through the levels at high speed, while doing this you have to pick up ammo/weapons/armor. There will be enemies around which you need to kill, either offline AI enemies or real people in the online multiplayer mode. This game is very high paced and concentrates on precision shots and your ability to outsmart your opponents. You have to make sure you get that awesome weapon pickup, or maybe you prefer the amor so you will last longer in battle, or maybe you are going for the railgun, a weapon that shoots lasers which can be fatal in one shot.

All in all, this is definitely worth a try. Maybe just play it a couple of times when you are bored. As always I will present you a video of this game, so you can actually see the game before downloading going to the website to play it! Enjoy!

Website :

Mar 23, 2011

Free Game : Trackmania Nations Forever

Who doesn't want a free game? Who doesn't want a great free game? I present you Trackmania Nations Forever ( TMNF for the rest in this article )! TMNF is a racing game, but not your every day racing game, it has this amazing balance between realistic and not realistic. The driving itself is somewhat realistic, there are no power ups like Mario kart to collect, the drifting is really well done, it really gives you a great feeling when you complete a drift at full speed through a difficult bend. The tracks however are far from realistic, you will be jumping from one place to another and maybe even drive along a wall for a few seconds. Don't leave this game because it isn't a driving simulator like GT5. Personally this is one the racing games I had the most fun with in my life. The point of the game is to reach the finish as fast as possible, on most servers you get around 5 minutes to try to get your best time. You will be racing versus other people but they act like ghosts, you can drive right through them, you just have to make sure that you are the fastest, it is comparable to a Time Attack mode. As I already mentioned ( server ) this game is played online, well 95% is, there are a few offline tracks you can practice on but that is about it. You have to compete online, if you beat someone that is better than you, you gain points and climb on the online leaderboards.

Online you will find the most bizarre tracks. The TMNF community made a lot of these tracks, one the reason that there are so many tracks around is because they are so easy to make. Every moron can make a track ( probably the reason I made +20 !). On the picture you can see how easy it is, you just select which kind of road you want and connect it to your track. My recommendation is that you really try this game, even if you are more into realistic/simulator racing games. It's not like you have to pay for it right?

If you are still not sure if you want to download it, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO, this video shows more than I could ever tell you, it is awesome! The person driving is one of the best drivers around.

Download like here :

If you become addicted to this game you can thank me later!

First person Mario?

This video has been all over the net, but I still wanted to share it with you guys. The classic Mario 2D games in first person isn't that awesome? Lets get the Goomba killing started!

Mar 22, 2011

Review : Fifa 11

Fifa 11 is a football ( soccer ) game, a game that advertise with a 360 degrees ball control system, realistic passing and personality+ ( make the players react like they would in real life ). Can this game deliver all these great promises and is this the flawless game that we look for? We will see in this review.

So is this game really better than other football games ( I didn't play PES ) ? To be honest I think it is personal taste, some people prefer a lot of options and a realistic ( therefore harder ) football experience while others just want to play a game or 2 against a friend then do something else. Fifa11 does not have a lot of options in my opinion, or atleast not a lot of different game modes, especially at its release. A few months after the release EA Sports added a feature called Ultimate Team to the game. Ultimate team is all about making your own squad and take on other teams, how much fun as this sounds it can be really annoying from time to time especially because this mode had a lot of glitches in the start. Which means your opponents are running around with Messi's, Ronaldo's, Xavi's etc, while you are still playing with your nations third league players. Have fun losing 8-0. Next to Ultimate Team there are a few other game modes, like show match, which is just 1 game you can play without worrying to much about all kind of settings ( the mode you play against friends ). Then there is career mode which includes a player career, a player manager career and a manager career. All kind of fun but they become really really boring after 2 seasons. One of the things I hate the most is the fact when you play in player career and you are kind of successful ( as a player ) you HAVE to play EVERY match. Even if that means you have no energy left what so ever, there won't be any rest for you, you have to play and play. Because of all this playing you can not even perform a decent sprint or dribble like you would when you have full energy. ( -1% ) All in all the game modes are not really that fun and won't last you that long. ( -3% )
To save the day EA Sports imported some extra features, like Play as the Goalie, seems fun, is not fun. Making 4 saves while waiting the other 85 minutes just doesn't do it for me. One of the most interesting features is Virtual Pro, Virtual Pro means you can import your own face on the EA website and put it on a player, then you can play with that player in whatever team you want and see him grow throughout the season. Making a lot of goals will make him a better shooter or completing passes will make him better at that. All really fun, but there is one huge problem. Importing my face is the hardest thing I ever had to do in a video game. It all went fine at the website, it generated a nice ( realistic looking ) 3d model of my head and I was ready to import it in my game. Now here is where the problem starts, on the website it looks great, nothing wrong with it, in the game however it looked like I had a pancake face. After several ( 10+ ) tries I finally managed to get my face in that didn't look full white, way too red, or full blue ( I'm not Na'vi! ) ( -2%). Fun feature, bugged as hell. 

So is this game as realistic as the developers say it is? Yes and no, sometimes passing can be really realistic so is the shooting at goal and the players do look like how they look in real life. The problem is however, from time to time something really weird happens which can totally screw you over, for example, if you try to pass from player A to player B and player C is in between then player C doesn't even realise what is going on and just stands there, hitting the ball and maybe give away possession to the opponent. I can give your numerous examples of gameplay that is really weird and can make you lose a game. ( -6% )

The last feature I want to talk about is the online gaming. You can choose to play a 11vs11 with virtual pro's, worst idea ever. The game is full of lag, disconnects you in the middle of it and people run around like headless chickens. I tried to play a 11vs11 about 5 times now, I never managed to get to half time without disconnecting ( my internet is good enough to handle it ) ( -1% ). Then there is the 1vs1 mode, same problem, the lag. EA sports can't really do anything about this lag so we just have to live with it and hope you don't get opponents with bad internet!

Personal playtime : Lets say I got the hidden achievement! ( +50 hours on the pitch )

Final score : 87%

Mar 21, 2011

Minecraft + Physics = Win?

Ever thought what Minecraft would be with real physics? Not the lame "sand falls down", but the real deal? Well here you go!

Mar 19, 2011

Preview : Portal 2

2011 seems to be a good year for new games. Personally I am looking forward to two games specifically, Mass Effect 3 and Portal 2. I will be discussing Portal 2 in this article and talk about some great mods for Portal 1 to kill the time until Portal 2 arrives.

Apart from the graphic update Portal receives, it will also feature new gameplay elements to make the puzzles even harder. Not to forget a multiplayer function, can't get better working with 4 portals to solve the most complicated puzzles with a friend right?

So what are these new gameplay elements exactly? Lets take a closer look :

1. Excursion Funnels - The Excursion Funnels acts like a beam that can manipulate gravity, you will be able to travel through them and use portals to connect the beam all around the room. You can also move objects through the beams, making the beam act like an elevator.

2. Aerial Faith Plates - The Aerial Faith Plates act as some sort of trampoline. You stand on them and get shot away, making a big leap in the process. Some of them are chained together which makes travelling through the room a lot easier! Again, objects can be shot by using the Aerial Faith Plates.

3. Thermal Discouragement Beam - The Thermal Discouragement Beam acts like a laser, a very deadly laser. By shooting portals or by moving boxes through it you can make this laser move whatever way you want. The goal seems to be to lead the laser to an end destination to activate a door/switch. It is almost the same as the energy balls from portal 1 except the laser is active the whole path it follows. Funny little addition : you can burn through turrets killing them in the process!

4. Pneumatic Diversity Vent - Definitely my favourite. The Pneumatic Diversity Vent is some sort of tube that sucks everything in it. Placing a portal at its entrance is guaranteed sucking power at your other portal. A new way of killing those poor little turrets is born. Who wants to flip them over if you can suck them into a vacuum tube?

Repulsion Gel in action
5. Repulsion Gel - Repulsion Gel acts like an automated jumper that can launch you to amazing heights. The gel will be released from a tube and falls to the ground. You can place a portal just below the tube and move the gel to any place you please. This way you can reach higher platforms with every jump without using the fling tactic ( Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out )

6. Propulsion Gel - Propulsion Gel acts like an accelerator, if you stand on it you start moving faster and faster until you reach velocity, this way you can get to insane speeds by just moving horizontally. The gel will be released from a tube just like Repulsion Gel.

I made you guys a playlist on Youtube so you can see all these new mechanics in real time, credits to the creators of those vids. CLICK

The best new feature in my opinion is the multiplayer function, I just can't explain how awesome it would be to fix all the puzzles with a friend, having an extra pair of portals at your disposal will surely help. I am expecting some real hard puzzles, since the possibilities with 4 portals are endless, and with all these new mechanics I think it will be the best multiplayer experience I had since I started gaming. CLICK for mutliplayer video.

Release date USA - April 18
Release date Australia - April 19
Release date Europe - April 21

Since we need to wait another month until we can play this masterpiece by Valve I will recommend you two mods I found for portal 1. Both of them are genius, funny and can be pretty tricky.

The first mod I recommend is called Portal Prelude ( CLICK ). In this mod you play as a test subject at the time humans were still monitoring all the tests. At the time you are progressing through the chambers you will hear that a new AI is going to take over the testing soon, guess who? Drama guaranteed!

The second mod I recommend is called Portal Pro (  CLICK ). This mod is all about placing intelligent portals, and not so much about making hard fling manoeuvres. This is where you really need your brain to survive the testing labs! I played a lot of custom levels/mods but I have to admit this is simply the best based on the puzzles, some real outside-the-box thinking is required.

Mar 17, 2011

Review : Minecraft

Ooooh Minecraft... I spend countless hours playing this game and I must say I love it. It is definitely not the first time I spend a lot of hours on a game, but the fact that Minecraft doesn't really have a goal to it makes it different from your normal game. If you haven't heard of Minecraft in the last months you have been living in a cave ( looking for diamonds? ).

If you are that one person that hasn't heard of Minecraft before here is a small explanation of what Minecraft is all about. You are all alone, you wake up on an island where no other human beings are present, it is you versus nature, you must survive all by yourself, you must survive all the horrors that come out at night, you are the only one that is able to shape the world around you, you must manipulate your surroundings so that you come out on top of the food-chain.

So how do you survive? By chopping down trees you gain wood, which you use to craft tools like an axe, a pickaxe, a hoe, a shovel and a sword. With the tools you acquired you can start digging down in the search of caves, in which you can find coal, iron, gold and even diamond. Maybe you enjoy shovelling the beach away so you get yourself some sand. Maybe you are hungry and you start yourself a farm, finding seeds with the hoe and harvest your own wheat. At night all the monsters come out and you want to be safe. With all the materials you collected during the day you can build yourself a nice little house to keep the monsters outside.

As you can see on the screenshot the world of Minecraft is very "blocky". Almost any block can be removed and can be replaced at a different spot, or you can change the block into another one, by heating it. For example you can make bricks out of clay, and dye wool in all sort of colours. The possibilities are endless.
Being successful in Minecraft is really hard to define, one could say making great complicated structures is an amazing feat, while other prefer to make small cosy houses.

As you know I rate the other way around, I do not focus on the good points but on the bad points of a game ( Minecraft is far from finished and still in beta so +5% ) so here is what I don't like about Minecraft. Minecraft is different than your usual game, so it can be hard for new players to understand what is going on. Suddenly you are in this world with no clear idea why you are there, and if you don't hurry up you are surrounded by monsters and you will die a painful death. You may walk around and get yourself some materials but without any pre-knowledge of the game you will never ever be able to make yourself the most basic tools needed to enjoy the game to the fullest. Making tools by -1. Chopping down a tree 2. Convert tree chunks into wood 3. Placing wood in a square in your inventory 4. Make sticks and put them in a shape of a pickaxe on your workbench- is just not the first thing you would think of, therefore it can be really hard for a new player to understand what to do, this game needs some sort of tutorial to help new players. ( -4% )
I understand one of the praised features of the game is the unknown, and that figuring out stuff yourself is one of the key concepts, still I feel like coming up yourself on how to make tools is just a little bit to hard for the average person.

How exciting building is, there will be a point where you feel bored and don't know what to do anymore. There is no interesting story that keeps you with the game, when you feel like you have done everything, then your done. ( -1% ) Some people might be bored pretty quick and give up on the game after building their third house, or maybe some people just don't know that there is so much more to do than what they figured out themselves ( again a tutorial would be nice, maybe something basic for new players and something more advanced like redstone wiring for people who are ready for a new challenge ). The lack of content and "your inspiration is the limit" is the biggest flaw of this game. Luckily Minecraft has an awesome community with amazing builders which can inspire you to make the most amazing buildings/mobtraps/cactusfarms etc, stuff you would probably not come up with yourself, looking up on the internet how to keep your interest in the game isn't a good point. ( -4% ) Just search on Youtube for Minecraft related videos, maybe check out some Lets Play's, or maybe even my own waterslide video!

You won't hear me complaining about the 'crappy' graphics of the game, I think the blocky world is THE Minecraft trademark and won't be forgotten for a very long time. Minecraft has some interesting music which really adds to the feeling of being all alone on some random island. Multiplayer is really fun but sadly very bugged from time to time ( -1%) ( I know, still in beta, already gave you plus 5 percent for that! ), which can really kill the fun.

Personal playtime : A long time, probably more than 40 hours

Final score : 95%

Stay tuned for more Minecraft related tutorials!

Next up : After certain requests on Youtube, written Arcane Mage Guide

Mar 14, 2011

Review : Dragon Age II

The latest instalment in the Dragon Age series is Dragon Age II, Bioware ( those guys from Mass Effect! ) promised us a great RPG but did they deliver?

The game starts with a small tutorial explaining how certain skills work and how to play a basic combat situation. Being way overpowered compared to my enemies gave me that great feeling of being superior, being a strong important character in the tale that Dragon Age II tells us, a feeling that didn't return in the rest of the game. ( ok ok, I know this is a tutorial and you are supposed to be way better than your enemies so you don't actually die and can learn how to play ).

After completing the tutorial we see Varric talking to a woman, telling her how things went a long time ago, making the whole game a flashback, giving me the feeling the future is already set, that I couldn't control what was going on around me and so losing the whole point of a RPG where I am supposed to make decisions that affect my surroundings. Since I had only one playthrough  I assume the story that Varric tells will vary on your own decisions, still I don't really like the idea of playing in a flashback while I am the one that should create the story. ( -1% )

Being a bit disappointed I moved on to the character creation screen, which some may praise, I don't. Being a male myself I tried to make a male character that looked a bit like me, IMPOSSIBLE, whatever I tried I never got him to look like me but instead making him look like an absolute wimp. ( I hear you thinking that I probably look like a wimp in real life, oh well... ). Then I tried to edit some of the other presets, surprisingly you can't even edit all the features of some of the presets, I mean why not? Do some of the presets have special features that only belong to them and are impossible to add in the creation screen to other characters, to the one that I wanted to look like me? The default main character looked the most like me without that beard and skin complexity, but I wasn't even able to edit ANY feature on him? Is he unique? Does he has features that are unavailable in the creation screen? Feels like the creation screen is really really limited now, despite all the options they have. Yet these options are kind of expected these days, eye colour, cheekbones, jaw placement, overbite or not etc. ( -1% ) I ended up creating a cute female character that looked decent. Always liked the idea of a small cute girl beating up the monsters ( Probably seen too much Buffy The Vampire Slayer ).

My very own miss Hawke
Character made, ready to rock. A few more battles, a bit more role playing and you end up in Kirkwall, the main city of the game, or should I say the only city in the game? For me Kirkwall is the biggest flaw in the game. The city itself is is divided in some parts, the rich part, the poor part, the docks etc. Now the biggest problem is the fact that 95% of what happens in the game is in Kirkwall. ( -5% ) I expected some nice scenery but got disappointed, I expected to look down ( literally ) on the whole city from the rich part ( Hightown ) but instead I only saw water and some mountains, not that great overview of a city that you experience in assassins creed on one of the many lookout towers. Another problem is the fact I have seen the same fucking guy with the exact same clothes multiples times in 20 seconds of play. He either found a way to clone himself into 10 different persons or Bioware failed badly in making different NPC models. Same goes with the sewer system of the city, every sewer is exactly the same. I went into different ones to complete different quests yet I always found myself in the same one. Same thing with the caves, every cave in this game is the same. Doesn't matter where you go, you will always find yourself in that same cave again. ( -1% ) Bioware closed down some parts of the cave in some quests so you don't go through the exact same thing all the time but I feel it is lazy designing ( not enough time? ) . To make it worse the city of Kirkwall has a day and night feature. Different quests, different time of the day,but still the same goddamn city. I played for over 25 hours now, and the only different places I have been to is a mountain, an underground tomb and a coast, which are all kind of small. Another weird thing is how the citizens of Kirkwall respond on stuff that happens in the city ( or how they don't respond ) , if you have a big bloody battle in the middle of the city they just don't give a fuck. They do not move, do not run away, just stand there like nothing is happening at all. After the battle they still stand there talking to their clones, doing absolutely nothing but standing still. That is another issue with Kirkwall, the city doesn't seem to be alive, okay there are some merchants and some people standing around doing nothing. The merchants are just waiting until the end of time until you come along and buy something, there isn't much interaction between the NPC's except for some dialogue between some of them, but no real action. ( -3% )

The rest of the game is really well done, a great variety of spells / abilities and some really hilarious dialogue between your companions. Personally I didn't quite like the ending but that is more personal taste. All in all it is an epic experience throughout the world of Dragon Age II Kirkwall!

Personal playtime : 25+ hours

Final Score : 89%

Next game : Minecraft

Welcome to Game like a Boss

Welcome dear readers,

As of today I decided to write my own blog to counter the mainstream idea of rating games on the good points.
Instead I'll rate my games on their flaws ( A great attacking team might win you the game, but you won't win the championship without an even greater defence, right? ) . All the games will start with a full 100% score, but bad gameplay, bad music, bad multiplayer or even bad graphics will reduce their score.

Next game : Dragon Age II