Mar 23, 2011

Free Game : Trackmania Nations Forever

Who doesn't want a free game? Who doesn't want a great free game? I present you Trackmania Nations Forever ( TMNF for the rest in this article )! TMNF is a racing game, but not your every day racing game, it has this amazing balance between realistic and not realistic. The driving itself is somewhat realistic, there are no power ups like Mario kart to collect, the drifting is really well done, it really gives you a great feeling when you complete a drift at full speed through a difficult bend. The tracks however are far from realistic, you will be jumping from one place to another and maybe even drive along a wall for a few seconds. Don't leave this game because it isn't a driving simulator like GT5. Personally this is one the racing games I had the most fun with in my life. The point of the game is to reach the finish as fast as possible, on most servers you get around 5 minutes to try to get your best time. You will be racing versus other people but they act like ghosts, you can drive right through them, you just have to make sure that you are the fastest, it is comparable to a Time Attack mode. As I already mentioned ( server ) this game is played online, well 95% is, there are a few offline tracks you can practice on but that is about it. You have to compete online, if you beat someone that is better than you, you gain points and climb on the online leaderboards.

Online you will find the most bizarre tracks. The TMNF community made a lot of these tracks, one the reason that there are so many tracks around is because they are so easy to make. Every moron can make a track ( probably the reason I made +20 !). On the picture you can see how easy it is, you just select which kind of road you want and connect it to your track. My recommendation is that you really try this game, even if you are more into realistic/simulator racing games. It's not like you have to pay for it right?

If you are still not sure if you want to download it, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO, this video shows more than I could ever tell you, it is awesome! The person driving is one of the best drivers around.

Download like here :

If you become addicted to this game you can thank me later!

First person Mario?

This video has been all over the net, but I still wanted to share it with you guys. The classic Mario 2D games in first person isn't that awesome? Lets get the Goomba killing started!