Mar 24, 2011

Free Game : Quake Live

Another free game for you, and this time a shooter! Did you ever got bored at work or in class and wanted to play a computer game? In most of these cases there are no computers nearby that got some cool games on it. Until today, I present you Quake Live, a free computer game in your browser! Most of you have probably heard of Quake before, well this version is very comparable except it comes in a browser.

For you that are not familiar with Quake I will give you a small explanation what this game is all about. In Quake you play a very athletic character that can jump through the levels at high speed, while doing this you have to pick up ammo/weapons/armor. There will be enemies around which you need to kill, either offline AI enemies or real people in the online multiplayer mode. This game is very high paced and concentrates on precision shots and your ability to outsmart your opponents. You have to make sure you get that awesome weapon pickup, or maybe you prefer the amor so you will last longer in battle, or maybe you are going for the railgun, a weapon that shoots lasers which can be fatal in one shot.

All in all, this is definitely worth a try. Maybe just play it a couple of times when you are bored. As always I will present you a video of this game, so you can actually see the game before downloading going to the website to play it! Enjoy!

Website :