Mar 30, 2011

Free Game : Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory

I think everyone has a game that defines them, a game that they played so much or loved for so long you can't think about gaming without that game. Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory is that game for me. I spend countless hours playing it over the past years. I ended up in a really nice clan, friends that play the game with each other for over 6 years now. Lately I haven't played that much W:ET but I sure do recommend it for you! Don't let the graphics hold you back, the game is truly amazing. The game is build on the quake 3 engine with some modifications. It is not as fast paced quake 3 but is still way faster than lets say, Call of duty or Counterstrike. You fight as Allies or Axis working towards a goal, which can mean a lot of things. Either you steal gold from a bank by blasting open the door with a tank while the enemies try to damage your tank and kill, or you are stealing vital Radar parts so the germans' communication fails! This is a really good game which you should try for sure! As always with free games here is a video :

Download link to installer :