Mar 28, 2011

Review : Need for speed : Hot persuit

Don't tell me you never wanted to drive away with 300 kilometres an hour from the police in a Bugatti Veyron. Okay might be a bit dangerous to do it in your city without causing a terrible accident, hell most of us can't even pay the insurance for such a car, forget about having one. The closest we can get is Need for speed : Hot persuit ( NFS:HP from now on ). The older version of this game with the same name was for the PS2, it has been my personal favourite Need for speed game, until this one. This game has so much to offer, looks so good, and plays very smoothly on my somewhat old pc.

If you don't know what NFS:HP is about you suck have been living in a cave since the beginning of the internet, in those historical times with no Yahoo or Google around ( can you even think about that? ). In NFS:HP you are the driver of either a police car or a very well tuned streetracer car. The game has two big modes, driving away from the police, and be the police. In the first mode you have to race against other people or manage to set a time on a course while the police tries to stop you. They have numerous ways of stopping you, for example they might use spike strips or a helicopter, to counter them the race cars have turbo boosts or you might be better of using a EMP to neutralize the polices' communications. All very fun but not very realistic at times. The second mode you are the cop and you try to stop racers before the time runs out and they get away. The driving itself can be unrealistic, especially the drifting, you are able to drift by just hitting the brake for a micro sec and to stay in the drift is very unrealistic to say the least. ( -2% ) Other than that the driving is very satisfying, it really gives you the feeling that you are driving fast and that you need to keep your focus at a 100% else you might crash into incoming traffic or end up in the lake!

The music really adds to the feeling of being a streetracer, as always EA delivered a very good fitting soundtrack. The grapics are great, the scenery you get by driving downhill is amazing and all with very smooth frames per second.

The most disappointing part of the game is that it lacks a good story, when you win races you earn points and you rank up, that is the story. The game would be really cool if it had amazing cutscenes with crashes and you speeding away from the police. Just ranks, if you win enough you can get new cars thats it! ( -2%) I only gave -2% there because in most racing games there is no story, yet in NFS:Most Wanted there was. Not the best story ever created but atleast something, now the games felt a little bit boring at times, there was no motivation to keep racing to unlock that next cutscene or because I wanted to know how a certain story played out.

All in all this an amazing game I really recommend you to pick up if you like racing games.

Personal playtime : 15+ hours

Final score :  96%

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